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External Building Cleaning in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Ilkley


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Window Frame Restoration - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Cumbria, London, Lancashire...

Window Frame Restoration

AB Jetting have developed a unique system which not only restores the original colour back from dull, faded and “chalky” powder coated aluminium window frames it also protects them from future harmful UV rays which ensures they stay looking like new for a long period of time.

Our three step process was developed specifically to restore all types of powder coated surfaces and they work extremely well on today’s modern double glazed aluminium powder coated frames which are often found in office buildings and warehouses all around the country. We can match any RAL or BS colour with guaranteed original colour back success.

Aluminium cleaning when carried out by an experienced aluminium cleaning contractor will ensure your building looks awesome!

Why have your Powder Coated Window Frames become dull & faded? Aluminium powder coated window frames are often forgotten about until they look faded and worn out. There are a good number of reasons as to why powder coated window frames become dull and fade;

Harmful UV rays fade powder coated aluminium window frames

Volatile purified water as used by window cleaners these days make the surfaces dull.

Improper cleaning techniques and strong detergents make the colour fade

Using a Hydrophobic three step aluminium window frame clean, restore & protect system will restore faded colours back to new condition.

Dilapidation orders

Often landlords will give you a dilapidation order and insist that aluminium window frames are replaced at great expense. Our system will easily make the faded powder coated aluminium window frames look like brand new and in return save you money.

We often clean faded aluminium window frames for shop fitters and building refurbishment companies throughout the UK


About AB Jetting

AB Jetting is one of the best exterior cleaning company in the UK. We are perfect in professionally cleaning and restoring your building’s exterior whether domestic, commercial or public building.

We have the appropriate equipment to render unmatched cleaning services to make your exterior space safe and clean. Our advanced specialised cleaning equipment will clean and restore all manner of exterior surfaces efficiently at very affordable prices.

We are aware that exterior cleaning is a task that should be done by experienced, trained team to avoid any further damage to the building and to meet health and safety requirements of clients as well as our staff.

We offer the following high quality commercial services:

Call AB jetting dedicated team today for a free sample clean!

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