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External Building Cleaning in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Ilkley


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Commercial Street Cleaning and Chewing Gum Removal in Bradford, UK.

Chewing gum discarded on our streets and pavements is an environmental problem and is classed as litter under the UK Law.

In the UK over 3.5 billion pieces of chewing gum are purchased every year and many of this chewing gum is discarded on our streets/pavements and shopfronts. Chewing gum discard on Retail Parks, City centre streets and retail shop fronts is a real menace. It is unsightly and discrediting.

Experts in Chewing Gum Removal

Simple Solution to a Sticky Problem. Have you ever tried to remove them? traditional methods are not effective. High pressure power washing is the common method used in attempting to remove gum. Our chewing gum removal service out-performs the traditional methods of scraping or, harsh chemicals - we use Hotpower wash systems to remove Chewing Gum. from streets and pavements.

For more information on our Chewing Gum Removal Services please do contact us. We can provide our Chewing Gum Removal Services in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales - right across the UK!


About AB Jetting

AB Jetting is one of the best exterior cleaning company in the UK. We are perfect in professionally cleaning and restoring your building’s exterior whether domestic, commercial or public building.

We have the appropriate equipment to render unmatched cleaning services to make your exterior space safe and clean. Our advanced specialised cleaning equipment will clean and restore all manner of exterior surfaces efficiently at very affordable prices.

We are aware that exterior cleaning is a task that should be done by experienced, trained team to avoid any further damage to the building and to meet health and safety requirements of clients as well as our staff.

We offer the following high quality commercial services:

Call AB jetting dedicated team today for a free sample clean!

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